Lawn Care Business Software for Quickbooks™

Manage your lawn care business with easy to use, customizable lawn care service software and mobile solutions that seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks™.

the service program dashboard, scheduler and route schedule shown on multiple devices

The Service Program Lawn Care Software Efficiently manages all of your lawn care service and maintenance needs:

In addition to its seamless integration with QuickBooks™, its compatibility with Apple and Android mobile devices, and many functional features, The Service Program is the optimal solution for your business. Especially, when it’s also one of the most affordable solutions on the market.

Full two way sync with QuickBooks™ Desktop or QuickBooks™ Online.

Know when stops have been serviced. Track time on-site, take pics and more.

A self service option for your customers to connect with your business for payments, invoices history or to report an issue.

Optimize routes by area, day or crew. Send electronic notifications after each stop.

Enter work orders from the office or in the field. Track time, costs and more.

Track profitability, material costs and improve communications between crews and the office.

Create customized forms and documents.

Features & Benefits

Track, manage, and report to residential and commercial customers more efficiently. Save time by eliminating double entry. Enter customer once in either The Service Program or QuickBooks™ and it will seamlessly update within the other program.

Schedule With Ease.

Streamline your route scheduling and dispatching. Easily schedule unlimited recurring services like weekly mowing, pruning and spraying. Optimize your route schedule for maximum profitability. Route by area, day and tech.

Stay On Track.

Easily track work orders or tasks so that nothing slips through the cracks. Open a work ticket while on a customer call and our lawn billing software will display it to a smartphone or tablet. Once closed, the work ticket posts as a printable invoice in QuickBooks™.

Document & Analyze.

Record fertilizer and pesticide applications applied and generate lawn analysis such as, type of grass and weeds present, insects and any diseases found. Attach images of before and after treatments, or for proof of service.

The Mobile Solution.

Allows your crews to be both paperless and efficient while in the field. Crews can route to their next stop, enter work performed, take before and after pictures and receive payments. Spray routes can enter time onsite, chemicals applied and much more.

Get Organized

Seamless QuickBooks™ Integration

Route Management

Improved Field Communications

Service Department Management

Customer Portal

Take a closer look at The Service Program Mobile Solution

Mobile software that's compatible with your QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online.

Helpful Video Demonstrations

Step-by-step videos about how The Service Program can help grow your business.

Routing Crews

Tracking Landscape Jobs

Entering Time/Bills

Working With The Mobile

Create Recurring Invoices

Posting Into QuickBooks™

Field Service Management Software on Mobile Device

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Increase the communication within your company. Deploy mobile devices. Route more efficiently. Schedule work orders and service calls.

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