Data Conversion

We can assist you with converting data from your existing software application to either QuickBooks™ or The Service Program.

Data Conversion, as the name implies, deals with changes required to move or convert data from one physical environment format to that of another, like moving data from one electronic medium or database product onto another format.

Data Conversion Steps:

Every day, data is being shared from one computer to another. This is a very common activity especially in data warehouses where database servers gather, extract, transform and load data from different sources at every moment. Since this data is gathered and shared from different computers which may have different hardware and software platforms, there should be a mechanism in dealing with data so that each computer server receiving them can understand what information the data contains.

Easily bring your data from: Quicken, Sage, RouteOptix, Clipx, Jobber, Qxpress, PoolProgram, Prism, ServiceCeo, ServiceBridge, Septic Tracker, TAC/Clear Computing and Alarm7 

ESC Software from FieldEdge (formerly dESCO), Unix, Excel, and more…

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