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The Benefits of Route Scheduling Software

Scheduling recurring services for your techs and crews using Excel spreadsheets can be frustrating and time consuming. How do you handling missed stops? How do you plan for Holiday schedules? What about temporarily assigning another person or crew for a job? Do you need to suspend service stops for a customer based on nonpayment? Do you track arrival and departure times?

Are your techs or crews updated with each customer’s gate code or unique needs such as “don’t park on the grass” or “keep gate closed without letting dogs out”, make sure to “clean off walkway” or “lock gate”?

Knowing if a stop was missed and why helps avoid unpleasant customer phone. If you choose the right route scheduling software, you can optimize mapping, and slash fuel expenses. It can also make sure your guys are not someplace where they shouldn’t be, and it will help diminish those angry customer phone calls.

You can manage with customized paper route tickets or automate using mobile schedules. You can also take pictures or capture over 50 user defined fields. Track services scheduled and performed with data on chemicals used, system checked, and more! Your customers can be emailed after each service or they can view the status from a Customer Portal or a company branded APP on their phone or tablet.

Cut the time consuming guesswork involved with manual routing, improve route optimization to reduce the time of each route, and generate more profitability with software seamlessly integrated with your QuickBooks for monthly, quarterly, annual billing.

Look at some benefits of utilizing route scheduling software for your business:

You and your customer know status of the service

  • Swimming pool maintenance completed
  • Lawn service provided
  • Snow has been plowed
  • The portable toilet was cleaned
  • Pest control service is completed

Instant access to customer information

  • View completed work history
  • View canceled work history
  • Who worked on the job
  • How long it took to complete the work

Optimized route mapping

  • Schedule work in the same neighborhood
  • Saves on fuel costs
  • Reduces wear and tear on service vehicles
  • Increased productivity
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks
  • Log customer calls and create tasks
  • Track service from the initial customer contact
  • Assign upcoming work to a department or person – when it was assigned and to whom, when it is scheduled for
  •  Track lapse times on task by department or person – from when the call comes in to when the work is complete and billed
  •  Email customer upon completion of service
  •  Increased customer satisfaction
  •  Capture customers signature and confirmation
  •  Instant communication between tech/crew and office staff

 These are just a few of the most important returns to incorporating route planning software into your service business.

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