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Pool service software and pool software that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks.

Pool Service Software And Swimming Pool Software for Your Business

The Service Program is the leading QuickBooks add-on pool service software. With this component, track routes, chemical usage, installed equipment, and service notes for each client while in the field.  Seamless integration with QuickBooks, compatibility with mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, and many functional features prove The Service Program is the ideal software solution for your pool service business.  It’s even one of the most affordable pool management software suites on the market.

We can also digitize your forms and documents. Click here to view our mobile forms capabilities.

 Following are some of the pool software service and maintenance tasks that The Service Program can assist in keeping record, tracking, managing, and reporting to your residential and commercial customers, when appropriate:

  • Document what services are performed each visit
  • Customer can exist on multiple routes on multiple days
  • Record time of day and weather conditions
  • Keep track of equipment checks, maintenance and repairs
  • Create routes
  • Track houses by subdivision
  • Analyze route profitability
  • Track chemicals and supplies issued to routes and track their inventory and usage
  • Track customer pool and spa equipment, including maintenance agreements and warranties
  • Track Chemical usage on a per stop basis
  • Create checklists to accompany routes or work tickets or both
  • Print custom mailing lists based on subdivision, who has what equipment
  • Managers can view entire route schedule from their smartphone or tablet to be able to check on routes as they are in the field
  • Seamlessly email customer and/or property manager after a stop
  • Email a customer and/or property manager after work has been performed at a location
  • Inexpensive and easy bar code equipment scanning



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