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Start A Portable Toilet Rental Business

Portable Toilet Rental Business – Although a portable toilet business is not glamorous, it can be a lucrative enterprise. This business requires a delivery staff who must retrieve and empty the units after they are leased by clients. Other requirements include a proper education about the industry, various equipment, financing, a disposal location, and training for each employee to prevent potential health hazards.

Step One – Education

You must learn about the portable toilet business by reading portable toilet publications. These resources will help you make great choices about operating your business and managing your vendors.

Step Two – Storage

An industrial storage location will be needed for your daily operations. The area must be large because you must have enough space for your toilets and other equipment. Some commercial areas will not have adequate zones, so contact a commercial real estate agent if you need help.

Step Three – Sewage Disposal

Contact the nearest health department in your area to arrange your sewer disposal. A state license may also be required; the license allows you to treat and dispose the waste that you collect.

Step Four – Define Your Market

Portable toilets are normally marketed to construction sites. However, there are also units that are designed like a public restroom; these units are suitable for formal events. If you understand the kind of clients you will be serving, you can order necessary systems for their specific needs.

Step Five – Inventory

Your inventory must contain enough toilets for every potential client, but you do not want too many units because they will remain in storage and deteriorate.

Step Six – Lease Or Purchase Vehicles

Various vehicles and trailers are required to haul the units to your clients.

Step Seven – Obtain A Business License, Insurance, And Start Your Business

A business license, basic insurance, and workers compensation insurance are important requirements. In addition, you should talk to an accountant about payroll procedures, and you should discuss incorporation procedures with an lawyer to reduce your liability.

Finally, order a batch of business cards and put an effective ad in the phone directory. Your marketing campaigns should pinpoint clients who would benefit from using your portable toilet business.

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