Grow Your Service Business

Increase the communication within your company, deploy mobile devices, route more efficiently, schedule work orders and service calls.


Service Business SoftwareExplore the features that make The Service Program the best tool for streamlining your service business.

  • Increase the communication between you and members of your company
  • Deploy smartphones and tablets within your company
  • Route more efficiently and effectively
  • Easily Schedule Work Orders and Service Calls
  • Track Rental Inventory

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  • Tasking - Increase Communication

    • Quickly enter a service call or reminder to someone in your company and track lapsed time as well as when it was complete.
    • Route drivers and service techs can enter tasks from their PDA to the office or themselves while in the field
    • All tasks save to the customer history so you will always be able to see what has happened on an account.  If you have a smartphone or tablet this information can even be viewed from the Mobile Solution!
  • Inventory / Purchasing

    • Inventory posts directly into QuickBooks
    • You can manage multiple inventory locations (ie trucks) in The Service Program
    • Track equipment used on trucks for a job or route stop.  Including chemicals, pest control chemicals used and more.
  • Routing / Mapping

    • Easily setup routes for drivers on any frequency you desire
    • Our Map Wise Smart Routing capability will recommend what route and stop a new customer should be placed on making the ability to keep your routes tight a snap!
    • Analyze customer delivery frequencies based on a variety of factors including average delivery amounts, # of refused deliveries, etc.
  • Sales Leads / Estimates

    • The Service Program can provide you leads in your area! Once the leads are imported or entered into The Service Program it will track calls, visits and much more.
    • Easily create a quote comparison for leads that want to compare your price to their existing services prices. Once the quote is generated you can seamlessly email it to the customer.
    • Once the quote is accepted The Service Program will: create the customer in QuickBooks, create various work orders to the appropriate people to prepare equipment, generate the first order and more!
  • Online Ordering / Web Interface

    • The Service Program online ordering component is great because it seamlessly interfaces into QuickBooks.
    • Orders will be placed on the drivers Packouts and smartphone or tablet
    • Customers will see their average delivery quantity
    • You even have an easy way to suggestive sell them on items by customer or by type of customer
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