Create Tasks & Manage Contacts

Improve customer satisfaction and customer retention with The Service Program.

Create Tasks & Manage Contacts

The key to fulfilling service requests and satisfying your customers is to log customer calls and emails, create tasks, and follow-up on them. The Service Program was created with these principles in mind, which is why the Task List and Customer Detail screens are the heart and soul of the program.

Task List

When each user first logs in to The Service Program, the Task List appears and notes how much time has elapsed since it was last opened. Route reminders and task type and priority will also display.

From the Task List, you can

    • View tasks according to who entered them, who they are assigned to, and which tasks are open and closed
    • Monitor lapse times from when a call is first received to when the work is complete and billed
    • Run reports on task type and lapse times by department or by employee and task
    • Track billed and unbilled work/rework
    • Notify an employee of a task by email for prompt receipt while in the field
    • Create and print customized work orders
    • Add parts used on the job to the work order from any number of warehouse locations
    • Post detailed accounts of work performed to customer notes
    • Update work order in QuickBooks and customer history at the same time
    • Email a customer when work is completed
    • Generate an invoice
    • Print “To Do” reports and completed tasks summaries
    • Create recurring tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly frequency
    • Tasks can turn into invoices so this is a great way to track all your recurring appointments and billings.



Customer Detail

From the Customer List, simply click on any name to view the Customer Detail screen. At a glance, you’ll find contact and billing information, billing and shipping addresses, route information, and more. When you edit a field, The Service Program automatically saves any changes.

All transactions are maintained at the customer record level so that any authorized personnel can see all activity and details regarding an account. Plus, you’re only one click away from accessing, viewing, and editing additional information directly from Customer Detail:

      • Miscellaneous customer information with user-defined fields
      • Customer Notes
      • Additional contacts
      • Route schedule history
      • Customer equipment with user-defined fields
      • Work orders
      • Rental transactions
      • Rental billing transactions


      • When you make a change here the software can update QuickBooks.
      • At a glance you can see that this customer is the 1st stop on Tuesday and 6th on Friday.
      • You can view open or closed tasks as well as create a new one from here
      • Track additional customer information in 12 customizable fields
      • Add/View customer equipment from here or from the PDA

In addition, you can enter new tasks and rentals for that customer or add a new customer altogether.

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