Pest Control Software

Pest Control Software And Pest Control Business Software That Is QuickBooks Compatible

Pest Control Software And Pest Control Business Software

Our Pest Control Software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, its compatibility with IOS and Android mobile devices, and its many functional features, The Service Program is the optimal software solution for your mobile service business. Especially when it’s also one of the most affordable solutions on the market.

We can also digitize your forms and documents. Click here to view our mobile forms capabilities.

Following are some of the pest control tasks that our Pest Control Software can help you record, track, manage and report to your residential and commercial customers:

  • Outdoor, perimeter and indoor treatments applied
  • Materials used
  • Type of pest treated (ants, termites, rodents, etc.)
  • Type of service (yearly, monthly preventative, emergency)
  • Create multiple types of routes: residential, commercial as well as any frequency
  • Track your technicians work and services performed with the Mobile Solution
  • Create customized work orders using MS Word Templates
  • Enter Customers once in The Service Program or in QuickBooks and it seamlessly will update the other program.
  • When a customer calls you can open a work ticket in The Service Program then it will seamless go to a dispath board and a field tech.  Once closed it posts as an invoice in QuickBooks where you can print it out.
  • Continue to receive payments in QuickBooks and do your other normal accounting functions.  The Service Program does all the other little tasks that QuickBooks doesn't do.

Tracking Chemical Usage, Reg Numbers etc.

  • Easily track chemicals used on a stop
  • Bill for chemical usage or not. 
  • If you use QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise you can take advantage of Unit of Measure conversions for items.  IE  issue/sell by the ounce and purchase by the gallon
  • Inexpensive and easy bar code equipment scanning


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