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Dec 2015

Simple to use software helps grow your snow removal business.

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snow removal softwareMany snow removal and lawn care businesses fail to realize the power of very simple to use and inexpensive service business software that can help quickly organize and grow their business. Software solutions that are QuickBooks compatible and reside on either a local businesses network or hosted solution allows companies a variety features and benefits that major corporations are currently enjoying.

No matter the size of your crews or number of customers this simple software can assist your business with route management, tracking and profitability.

QuickBooks add-on snow removal software can also assist in keeping track of customer billing, due dates, invoice and signature capture in the field and past due accounts.  Mobile solutions that are compatible with handheld devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Windows phones makes the ability for your employees to work in the field efficient for both management and accounting.

One of the most important benefits is that all of these features sync directly back to your QuickBooks. Eliminating any double entry. You can also limit the access the availability of data to specific employees.


- QuickBooks compatible

- Easily manage routes

- Add “on the fly” stops quickly

- Choose type of work/task the driver is performing (user definable)

Select equipment the employee is using


- Custom fields can be set in regards to weather conditions/ground temp

- They can also be set to be required fields

-You can require before and after pictures of each stop

- You can also take additional pictures if needed


-Once jobs are complete they are available to be billed right into QuickBooks

by someone in the office

- The guys in the field cannot access your QuickBooks

- You can limit them seeing your entire customer list and also what you are

charging your customers

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Dec 2014

Westrom Software Continues Growth With Expansion Of Additional Office In Port St. Lucie Florida

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To support the companies continued and fast paced growth Westrom Software opens an additional office in Port St. Lucie to complement Vero Beach Florida headquarters

January, 2015 Vero Beach, FL. - Westrom Software has announced the opening of an additional office in Port St. Lucie Florida to help support the companies continued and fast paced growth. “We’re excited to be part of the vibrant community of Port St. Lucie and we’ll soon be adding additional personnel to further staff operations here.” States Bill Westrom, President of Westrom Software.

The company’s flagship product The Service Program is the industry’s leading provider of QuickBooks compatible software for service businesses such as pool service, lawn care, HVAC, portable toilet, rental business, alarm and security, pest control, property management, and many other service businesses.

Westrom Software also offers RouteStar Solutions a software suite designed specifically for route sales companies such as bottled water delivery, office coffee delivery, medical waste removal, uniform delivery and many others.

Westrom goes on to state, “We constantly enhance and upgrade our software to support the demanding requirements and needs of our loyal customer following.  Recently we have started offering free custom branded apps for our current and new customers. The apps are available on the Apple iStore and Google play and are a great way to increase customer satisfaction and increase revenues.”

“To compliment our mobile solutions package we have added equipment tracking functionality utilizing bar codes and QRCodes. The response from our new and existing customers has been overwhelming. These new services and product offerings have improved customer acquisition and retention for the company’s utilizing our software.”

About Westrom Software

Westrom Software is a privately owned software development company with more than 20 years of successful business application development experience. Founder and CEO Bill Westrom employs a wide range of IT professionals, flexible policies, and efficiently managed work practices that distinguish the company from firms offering similar services.

Westrom Software can be used in a wide variety of service industries. It is generally accepted as the leading service business software program for small to medium-sized pool service and maintenance companies, lawn care and, landscaping companies, irrigation companies, plumbing companies, HVAC companies, pest control companies, liquid waste removal companies, portable toilet and restroom rental companies, bottled water delivery companies, electrical contractor companies, equipment rental companies, property management companies, and other general service and route delivery businesses.

For more information contact Westrom Software at (866) 480-1879 or visit

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Nov 2014

What is the Real Demand for Renting Portable Restrooms?

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What is the Real Demand for Renting Portable Restrooms?

Have you ever wondered just how busy those companies renting portable restrooms really are? To ponder the real demand for portable restrooms, consider every concert, race, or special event you have ever attended. Think of each construction site you have ever driven past. Each of these places and many more need portable restrooms to accommodate customers, employees, and guests. Even places with permanent restrooms hold special events, and the increased attendance means that renting portable restrooms is a necessity.

The number of portable restrooms needed depends on the size of the population it’s serving. So think about your average home construction site; with a handful of guys working each day, renting one portable restroom is sufficient. But if we are talking about an industrial complex being built, dozens of carpenters, electricians, and more will be on-site daily. Renting multiple portable restrooms for these sites is definitely in order.

Now think bigger: how about special event sites, such as fairgrounds or race tracks? The need for renting portable restrooms may be sporadic based on the schedule of events, but there could be hundreds or even thousands of people present during concerts, fairs, and races. The potential need for portable restrooms and hand washing stations just increased exponentially.

Consider the Portable Restroom User

It’s also a good idea to consider who is attending the event. Is there likely to be a majority of women, or men? Ladies tend to use portable restrooms more often than men, so a heavily female crowd will probably require more portable restrooms than a male-dominated group. And all of us with children know that kids never seem to go very long between bathroom breaks, so plan accordingly for a children’s’ event.

To complete the picture for the actual demand for portable restrooms, take a look at the activities the crowd is participating in. Particularly, is alcohol being served? Above average liquid consumption hastens and increases the need for portable restrooms. Concerts, races, food festivals, carnivals, and other events that feature alcohol vendors or beer tents are prime examples. So if the crowd is swilling beers all day, it’s going to require renting additional portable restrooms to accommodate the greater need.

Get Portable Restrooms Straight from the Manufacturer

PolyPortables manufactures high-quality portable restrooms for crowds with various needs. Our standard models are versatile for use anywhere, and our special needs portable restrooms make it easier for folks using crutches or wheelchairs to take advantage of the facilities.

For large, busy crowds we even make urinal units to help speed up those long restroom lines. If you are looking for new portable restrooms that you can use or rent for special events, PolyPortables offers a diverse range of units that are available in a variety of colors.

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